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Link Building

Link Building

We work with many clients to help find and negotiate the highest value links. Link building is absolutely crucial for sites working to gain search exposure in competitive markets. We have developed many methods to build quality links, all engineered to safely provide long-term results.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Recognizing and following the most direct path to top ranks within your niche can be a challenge. I can help you with this critical stage of your campaign by helping you prepare your site, to research the path your competitors took and by helping you to map out your own.

SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audits

Comprehensive analysis of over 65 individual elements of your website that have a direct impact on your SEO. Learn what's broke, what's not and what needs improvement. And most importantly, learn WHY. Every report comes complete with a full explanation behind all recommended fixes.

Backlink Analysis

Advanced Backlink Analysis

Our advanced backlink analysis service will give you a clear view of which links are helping you, which links are risky and which are actually hurting you. We do this by researching thousands of your inbound links and carefully check them against many link metrics that directly measure value.

Penalty Detection

Google Penalty Detection

Search engine penalties and algorithmic filters often result in a sudden drop in ranks and are notoriously difficult to detect and recover from. The reason for this is because any number of things can cause a sudden drop in ranks and there are a number of reasons why a site can be penalized. I do the research to help you detect the reason for your drop, whether caused by a penalty or something else, and will recommend what is required to regain your rankings and your traffic.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

This popular service helps pharmaceutical and nutraceutical  site owners rank above affiliates for their brand name. We do this by utilizing very specific methods proven to quickly rank official sites above all others. Protect the brand you invested in, stop paying affiliates for sales referred through infringing domains and directly control your message to your most valuable visitors.

SEO Training

On-Site Training

For larger companies, we offer full training seminars at your office for all staff who will be involved in your SEO campaigns. Training will include everything necessary to improve the rankings of your sites and can include advice and planning to setup a dedicated SEO department.

SEO Consultation

Full Service Consultation

Hire us as your dedicated SEO consultants and our experienced staff will handle every aspect of your Internet marketing campaign. We will do this for every site in your network and will confidently be responsible for your strategy development, technical audits, competition research, advanced optimization, content creation, link building, progress monitoring and consistent reporting. We have experience working with, and delivering results to, sites operating in the most competitive industries.


What people think of Turbo Ranks

They helped to improve my sites in many ways and even took the time to analyze hundreds of other sites under our account. I also liked how they explained everything they did in great detail, If you have a question they are always quick to respond, you don’t see that a lot in this industry.

Turbo Ranks did a superb audit for our website and outlined a strategy for us to follow going forward. They were always around to speak to and bounce ideas off as well which is a great resource to have. They definitely goes the extra mile!

I’ve been in the industry for over 14 years now and I have seen my share of SEO solutions. Adrian and his company have by far provided the best service and above all else the BEST RESULTS! At the end of the day only one thing matters and that is ROI and Turbo Ranks delivers.

We were notified about Adrian’s service by another company and decided to give it a try. Turbo Ranks helped us out very well always keeping the focus on our company strategy. The audit we received is valuable information which will help us positioning ourselves.

Why Hire Turbo Ranks

12 Years Experience in Brand Protection

When you Google your company name, or your product brand name, is your website displayed first (as it should)? If not, you are at risk of having your message formed and delivered by others whom  you have little control over, such as affiliates and competitors.

This problem is most common in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and dating industries where affiliates often make untrue claims in their effort to make a sale. These affiliates may be working in your interest, or against it. Affiliates can either promote your brand as reputable in an effort to build enough buyer confidence to make a sale, they may make untrue claims in a reckless effort to make a sale or they can publish false statements about your brand in an effort to create enough fear and distrust to direct people away from your brand to another.

Branded search traffic is very valuable. These are people who specifically search for your company or product. This is traffic you have already paid for through your overall branding efforts and investments. Paying affiliates for sales earned through your brand and being vulnerable to competitors attempting to harm your brand are both preventable.

How can this happen?

Search engines don’t automatically rank official brands first. Rather, they rank websites that appear to be most relevant and credible for the brand. Other websites that rank for your brand have simply established more relevancy and credibility, in the eyes of Google, than you have. To ensure your official website ranks above all others you have to establish more authority than the rest, which is what we specialize in.

How do we do it?

Turbo Ranks has been ranking brands #1 for years, in the most competitive industries online. Every industry is different and requires a different campaign approach. But overall, we produce results for every client by focusing on three primary methods:

  1. SEO audits and optimization
  2. Branded marketing and link building
  3. Research into branded ranking competitors

How to get started?

A successful SEO campaign takes time to develop and manpower to maintain. There is no single solution that works for everyone. Because of this we will work with you personally to develop a strategy specifically tailored to your unique brand, product and website. Please contact us today to discuss your brand and your goals.

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